AMUSING GRACE A SECOND HELPING by Rosanne Romero Feast Books Paperback

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This book will alter your perception of life as Rosanne, who lives victoriously despite having Multiple Sclerosis, shows that there is immense joy and meaning amidst great weakness.

Praise for Amusing Grace, A Second Helping:

From strength to strength. Amusing Grace, A Second Helping is RosanneÕs continuing, courageous and inspiring response to MS. Clearly an overcomer in Christ, she writes with such refreshing spontaneity! Do hope ÒA Third HelpingÓ is not so far behind.

Ð Ms Felichi Pangilinan Buizon, gospel songwriter and

700 Club Asia host

ÒRosanne looks adversity straight in the eye, glowers at it for a moment, and then drenches it with unexpected wit and humor. We wince with her as she arranges our encounter with the reality of human pain, and then invites us to share the laughter of her invincible spirit.Ó

Ð Archie Inlong, a communication, public speaking, public relations, crisis communications and media training consultant