Keeper of His Garden Breakthrough Principles in Life and Business Jose Feron Dodong Cacanando Inspirational Book Paperback 1 pc

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Have you discovered your life purpose and how God can use you to fulfill that purpose?

In this book, Jose Feron ÒDodongÓ Cacanando shares the breakthrough principles he learned and now follows in managing Moriah Farms in Bukidnon and in living life in all its fullness. Find out how you can:

¥ Create opportunities from the limited resources you have.
¥ Grow your business and make it profitable based on the ways of a plant.
¥ Steward your business with God as its true Owner, and experience Him as Creator, Controller, and Father.

Keeper of His Garden: Breakthrough Principles for Life and Business will inspire you to live a practical yet fulfilling lifeÑone that blesses others through the fruits God produces in every area of your life.