All That Matters by Francis Kong Paperback

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ÒWe are constantly motivated with the big picture of success, but we should also pay attention to the small details, because big things happen only when we do the small things right,Ó shared Francis Kong in his newest book ÒAll That Matters: Live. Love. Learn. LaughÓ from ABS-CBN Publishing.

The inspirational speakerÕs latest offering draws attention to small things that matterÑfamily, character, leadership, business, work, self-improvement, and life, in generalÑnot only to be successful but ultimately to be happy.

Francis emphasized the need to learn the art of life-map reading. ÒGoing through the process of traveling the road may be full of humps, lumps, and bumps, but in the process, you can also begin to pick up skills, experience, and toughness that will enable you to travel farther and achieve things better,Ó he said.

On family matters, he stressed that Òsocial media has made it possible for us to communicate and relate with people who are far away from us, but isolate and alienate us from the people beside us. Communicate with your kids. Develop their communication skills and donÕt let them waste away on their phones.Ó

Just like in his previous book under ABS-CBN Publishing, ÒLeadership That Matters,Ó the author also touched on managing people in the workplace or business in ÒAll That Matters.Ó

He distinguished motivation from inspiration saying, Òto motivate is to push them to do something. To inspire is to pull them to the realization that a change or a transformation would be good for them.Ó

Meanwhile, in order to be happy in life, Francis suggested to maintain distance from whiners.

ÒIf we cannot help and the whiner refused to be helped, then we simply must maintain distance and not allow negativity to poison our healthy minds,Ó he wrote pointing out that exposure to non-stop negativity may impair brain function.

ÒLife is 90 percent beautiful with only 10 percent that is not. And there is so much out there to be positive about,Ó the speaker enthused.