Breaking Through A Mans Journey to Fruitfulness Jose Feron Dodong Cacanando Inspirational Book Paperback 1 pc

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ÒMix business and the Bible? Can these two really come together? Breaking Through relates that it is possible, and more. Dodong CacanandoÕs book reads like a suspense thriller novelÑyou canÕt put it down. It talks about real people and businesses being transformed by following the profoundness and simplicity of the principle behind "The Seed." Let Breaking Through take you through this journey. I have, and so have most of his friends. It really works!Ó

Clarissa E. Yuzon
CEO, Clarenzon Marketing

ÒI met Dodong Cacanando several years ago and heard his remarkable story and the principles he put down in this book. Applying them has changed my business tremendously, giving it purpose and impact as never before. Indeed his testimony has become Gods wonderful blessing for me and my business.Ó

Albert S. Tanlimco
President, Amtes Group of Companies

ÒBreaking Through is an inspiration and a must read for people who are seeking to experience the amazing power and goodness of God. Dodong Cacanandos vivid narration of how God and the words of the Bible moved in his life, his family, and career each step of the way amidst uncertainties is a very assuring testimony about the sovereignty and faithfulness of God. Reading this book will surely strengthen your faith, courage and hope to persevere.Ó

Enrico C. Wong and Carmen N. Wong
Executive Leadership Coach / Global Advocacy Director, Compassion International USA