CRUISING ON COTTON CANDY CLOUDS Memoirs of a Filipina Flight Attendant by Ludmila CarluenBarrica Feast Books Paperback

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My name is Ludmila, and IÕm a cart pusher.

Thus begins the journey of Lud, a flight attendant for nine years.

Using the various stages of flying as an analogy, the book traces how she joined the industry, the many bumps she encountered along the way, and the lessons she learned from them.

Real, light-hearted and inspiring, youÕll read Ñ

¥ Why flight attendants say, ÒWe walked all the way to a destinationÓ

¥ How she learned to make use of flight time

¥ Stories beyond glitz, glamour and body excretions

¥ About The Shake, Panadol and practices of other cultures

¥ What crown she wears at the end of the day.

Are you ready to go on an adventure?

This book will help you if you want to fly, if you love to fly, or youÕre afraid to fly. And not just airplanes.