FIRING ON ALL CYLINDERS by Rex Mendoza Feast Books Financial Literacy Book

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If youÕve always wondered how to take the leap from being a struggling employee to an affluent entrepreneur and investor, look no further.

On the heels of the smashing success of his debut book, Rex MendozaÕs much-awaited second offering will not leave you disappointed. Brimming with illuminating stories from his personal journey from the bottom of the corporate ladder to the owner of several multimillion-peso businesses, Rex will fire you up to blaze your own trail to success from employee to entrepreneur and investor.

In these pages, you will learn how to:

¥ Become an entrepreneur and investor while being an employee

¥ Determine your financial, emotional, and professional readiness to take the leap from employee to entrepreneur

¥ Overcome common excuses that keep you from pursuing entrepreneurship

¥ Create momentum and harness energy to break away from your comfort zones

¥ Plough back and invest in yourself to achieve greater success

¥ Apply fundamental principles and compelling convictions in investing

¥ Define, measure, monitor, and achieve genuine success

¥ And many more!