From Mourning to Morning by Cheri Roberto Feast Books Paperback

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Will Your Grief Ever End?

ItÕs a tragedy that you wouldnÕt wish on your worst enemy. But it has

befallen you. Death has taken your loved one, and your life, and your

heart is shattered forever. Everything, everyone, places, events, and the

smallest of things remind you of your beloved, and just when you think you

are OK, you find yourself crying in a mall because a song triggered that

lovely memory of what used to be, and how you long for those times. You

miss your loved one so much that you feel like youÕre going crazy.

Right now, it may not seem like it will ever end but somehow, miraculously,

it does get better. Your healing is in your hands, and holding on to GodÕs

hands through the grief process helps even more.

In this book, you will learn:

¥ ItÕs OK to cry.

¥ What youÕre feeling right now Ð itÕs normal.

¥ The importance of grieving.

¥ The importance of laughing.

¥ ThereÕs no use dwelling on the Òwhat ifs.Ó

¥ Funeral Etiquette 101.

¥ Forgiveness, gratitude, and acceptance are keys to healing.

¥ You are not alone.