GRACE ANATOMY by rissa singson kawpeng Feast Books Inspirational Book Paperback

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Sometimes, beautiful gifts come in dreadful wrapping.

Nobody plans to get into an accident. Especially one that could end your life, or life as you know it.
No one aims to get cancer. You avoid it like the plague, and even as you hear loved ones getting it or even dying of it, you donÕt wish it upon yourself.
And while we all know we will die someday, we pray it doesnÕt come too soon.
We fear its pain.
Its uncertainty.
Its finality.
In this bittersweet account, Rissa Singson Kawpeng bares her soul, her grief, and her victory as she stared at deathÑin the face of loved ones and in her own body.
As she wrestled with lifeÕs burning questions regarding sickness, suffering, and death, she finds her answers in the most elemental truth of the universe: GodÕs unconditional love.