HotWheels Quad Rod HW MOTO 3 Inches

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Hot wheels quad rod. 2017 hot wheels treasure hunts winning formula legends of speed 400 fangula fright cars 500 dragon blaster street beasts 300. The origin of the term hot rod is unclear. Hot rods are typically old classic or modern american cars with large engines modified for faster speed.

The double trouble hot rod has two ford racing engines totaling 1400 horsepower. Edelbrocks dual quad intake manifold for gen 3 hemi. We add front and rear g max sway bars from performance suspension technology to our dodge read more.

Treasure hunts store exclusives and hw digital circuit. For 2017 the hot wheels mainline is numbered 1 through 365 with color variations receiving a new number. The pictures and text on these pages may not be reproduced without the written.