How to Be a Blessing Magnet 8 Simple Steps to Attract the Miracles You Need Every Dayby Bo S‡nchez Feast Books Paperback

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ÒThereÕs no shortage of blessings in GodÕs universe.Ó

ThatÕs why Bo Sanchez, bestselling author and spiritual teacher, believes thereÕs no reason why you should have a blessings shortage in your life.

This purpose of this book is simple: Bo wants to teach you how to be a Blessings Magnet.

By that way, this isnÕt just for you. YouÕll learn how to attract blessings not for yourself only, but also share these blessings with everyone around you.

In these pages, Bo will share with you eight powerful ways to become a Blessing Magnet.

Step 1: Be grateful for past and future blessings

Step 2: Find your wound to find your wish

Step 3: Be clear with what you want

Step 4: Manufacture your miracles

Step 5: Believe that all things will work out

Step 6: See failure not as rejection but as redirection

Step 7: Keep moving forward

Step 8: Expect your future to be beautiful

YouÕll be radically blessed by this extraordinary book.

Turn the page and get ready to be transformed.