HOW TO BECOME A HAPPY RETIREE by Dean Pax Lapid Feast Books Financial Literacy Book

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HOW TO BECOME A HAPPY RETIREE by Dean Pax Lapid Feast Books Financial Literacy Book

Retirement is the beginning of new possibilities. Anyone and everyone can become a happy retiree with the right attitude. Anyone and everyone can plan for a retirement that is financially, emotionally and spiritually fulfilling. After all, retirement is not a destination Ñ it is a journey.

Dean Pax has been a selfless and big-hearted entrepreneur-mentor. This is another

manifestation of his relentless commitment to share what he has experienced and distill all the

learnings for others to be guided, if they so desire, to reach a higher level of purpose as they enter

a new phase in their lives. Through this book, Dean Pax makes us realize that retiring can be just

the beginning of another exciting chapter, and one that can be more meaningful and fulfilling.

Ramon M. Lopez

Executive Director, Go Negosyo

Vice President, RFM Corporation

ItÕs very rare for me to come across a book that, after reading it, IÕd say to myself, ÒHow I

wish IÕve written this book.Ó This is that kind of book. ItÕs even rarer when youÕd come across a

person whoÕs genuinely happy and true to his name as the dean of peace Dean Pax, and youÕd

wish youÕd find out his secrets. In this book, my dear adopted son, Pax, unselfishly shared with

us his secrets. Pax also coaches us on how to co-create with God a life of success and a truly

happy retirement life. Whether youÕre about to retire, or have decided to retire, or even if youÕve

already retired, you cannot do without this guide book in striving to be happy.

Dr. Ned Roberto, Bestselling Author

Philippine Daily Inquirer Columnist

AsiaÕs Foremost Marketing Authority

AIM Marketing and Consumer Behavior Guru

I have known Pax Lapid since childhood and he has always struck me as someone born

with a mission to make others happier, healthier, wealthier and simply better. His latest book is a

major step towards realizing his avowed mission Ñ I will have him advise MeralcoÕs retirees. He

is a rock star in this subject. I am pre-ordering the book. How about you?

Ramon B. Segismundo

Senior Vice President, HR and Corporate Services, Meralco