Human Heart Nature Natural Shampoo Bar 70g Moisturizing Zesty Vanilla Delight

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95.01% Natural

Our solid solution to healthy hair and a healthier planet is finally here! Breaking free from waste can now be as easy as keeping your hair gorgeous with our potent, nourishing care wrapped up in a bar.

_ Deeply cleanses without drying your scalp

_ Rich, pH-balanced blend of cocoa butter, avocado oil and mild coconut surfactants to keep your hair soft.

_ With bright citrus and vanilla notes to keep your tresses smelling fresh and clean

_ Lathers well and rinses off easily so you save more water

Use it like a Pro:

1. Use it just like your regular shampoo. Lather up wet and work lovely suds into your hair while massaging your scalp. Rinse well!

2. Partner it with your favorite conditioner. For best results, use it with your favorite Human Nature Natural Conditioner.

3. Making your Shampoo Bar last Genuinely natural shampoo bars melt faster when they are exposed to too much moisture when not in use. To make it last longer, cradle it on a soap dish, keep it out of the water and far from where the shower spray hits.

4. Carry it anywhere! Always on the go? Keep your shampoo bar in a small container, shove it in your bag and youÕre done! Less space, more goodness.