Is It Time to Quit Your Job by Sha Nacino Feast Books Paperback

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DonÕt Quit for the Wrong Reasons!

Are you sick and tired of your job? Do you want to quit and do something else? Is your boss giving you unreasonable amount of stress? Is there too much gossip, politics, and negativity in the workplace? Do you feel unappreciated, overworked, and underpaid? DonÕt quit just yet!

This book will help you take a pause and assess if quitting your job now is your best option. Based on her own employee-to-entrepreneur shift, Sha Nacino gives you tips on how to:

Love your job even if you hate it

Discover and develop your unique core competency

Make money without quitting your job yet

Plan if youÕve already decided to quit, and many more.

Business owners and human resource professionals, this book is also for you! Take time to understand the pains, joys, problems, fears, and dreams of your employees so you can care for them and retain the best ones.

ÒShaÕs sincere approach in sharing how she hurdled challenges and made crucial decisions will be helpful for people who are thinking of making that Ôbig shiftÕ in their lives and their careers.Ó

Ð Rex Mendoza, president and CEO, RAMPVER Financials

ÒWarning! This book will hurt you, but it will set you free so that you can become the best person you can be. Read this book and be changed for the better.Ó

Ð JC Libiran, author and founder of Project: Courage Zone