Jesus Little Book of Wisdom Compiled by Andrea Kirk Assaf

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In times of need, many turn to the words of Jesus for guidance. His teachings have been a source of comfort and wisdom for millennia_ for believers and nonbelievers alike. His message of GodÕs love, the oneness of humanity, and the value of living in a way that is filled with hope and affirmation resonate with nearly everyone.

This beautiful gift book offers the teachings of Jesus in inspirational bite-sized nuggets. It is a book that readers will turn to time and time again. Among the topics covered are love, forgiveness, charity, repentance, and peace.

ÒThe greatest of all the Commandments is to love God with all your heart and soul, and with all your mind.Ó

ÒDonÕt worry about tomorrow, because that will bring its own fresh worries. Live each day as it comes.Ó