RAISING HEIRS By Eleanore Lee Teo Feast Books Paperback 1pc

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How do you raise a selfless generation in a self-entitled world?

The first generation makes the money. The second generation spends it. By the third generation, thereÕs nothing left. ItÕs the same classic story that weÕve heard before and we canÕt help but ask Ñ why do many accomplished entrepreneurs find it easier to build a business than to raise their children to become independently successful?

This book is for those wondering why their children are lazy and reckless with their money. This is for the children who wonder why theyÕre being labeled as lazy and self-indulgent. And this is for those who are close to success and have the time to prepare their children for whatÕs to come.

The solution lies in your hands. The best part about it is that it wonÕt cost you a fortune.