THE FATHER I NEVER MET by Raziel Munarriz Feast Books Paperback

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The Fourth Commandment: Honor Thy Father and Mother.

But how do you honor your father when he was buried eight hours after you were born?

How do you even begin to know him?

This book shares RazielÕs journey in getting to know her father, Mike, who, at age seventeen, developed a personal relationship with our heavenly Father and decided to love and serve Him for as long as he lived. But at the age of thirty-threeÐthe same age when Jesus diedÐGod called him Home. He would have been fifty this year.

Through a box full of quotations written on index cards that Mike left, Raziel began to unravel the puzzle that he wasÐhow he lived, how he loved, and how he served the Lord.

This book is RazielÕs way of honoring her earthly father who, she believes, has lovingly watched over them and guided their family through the years.

May this book inspire you to know your father more and honor him, too.