THE FIRED UP LIFE Passion Principles to Motivate You for Work and Life By KIRBY S LLABAN Feast Books Paperback

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Motivate Yourself and Reach Your Goals

Often, we lack the drive and consistency to achieve our dreams. Our energies are sapped by worries, laziness, and fear. This book will help you motivate yourself and achieve success using the principles of the Christian faith. Specifically, this book will teach you how to:

á Find Your God-given Passion and Purpose

á Master Your Unique Gift

á Make a Blueprint for Your Dreams

á Keep Your Passion Burning

á Scale Up Your Influence and Impact

á Lead People with Passion

á Spread Your Passion Like Wildfire

You are meant to set the world on fire. What are you waiting for? ItÕs time to live the Fired Up Life!

Ò The Fired Up Life will help the reader live life to the full. We need more fired-up Catholics to proclaim and live out the faith in our day-to-day life.Ó Ð Joe Tale, Chairman, Couples for Christ