The First Phone Call From Heaven A Novel by Mitch Albom

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ÒA beautifully rendered tale of faith and redemption that makes us think, feel, and hopeÑand then doubt and then believe, as only Mitch Albom can make us do.ÓÑGarth Stein, author of The Art of Racing in the Rain

One morning in the small town of Coldwater, Michigan, the phones start ringing. The voices say they are calling from heaven. Is it the greatest miracle ever? Or some cruel hoax? As news of these strange calls spreads, outsiders flock to Coldwater to be a part of it.

At the same time, a disgraced pilot named Sully Harding returns to Coldwater from prison to discover his hometown gripped by Òmiracle fever.Ó Even his young son carries a toy phone, hoping to hear from his mother in heaven.

As the calls increase, and proof of an afterlife begins to surface, the townÑand the worldÑtransforms. Only Sully, convinced there is nothing beyond this sad life, digs into the phenomenon, determined to disprove it for his child and his own broken heart.

Moving seamlessly between the invention of the telephone in 1876 and a world obsessed with the next level of communication, Mitch Albom takes readers on a breathtaking ride of frenzied hope.

ÒBeautiful and smart. Perhaps the most stirring and transcendent heaven story since Field of Dreams.Ó ÑMatthew Quick, author of The Good Luck of Right Now.