Argentina Corned Beef 260 grams Easy Open Cap

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Argentina Corned Beef

Argentina Corned Beef is the No.1 corned beef brand that has the food qualities consumer most value –it is filling, deliciously flavorful, has meaty strands, is packed with protein and made with 100% pure beef. "Siguradong Busog ang Breakfast mo!"

Sarap at Sustansya, Pinagsama Na!
Argentina, the number one brand in the canned meat market provides Filipino families with delicious and healthy products to enjoy. It has been in the market for 15 years now and continues to delight the entire family with products that fit their lifestyles - moms enjoy cooking Argentina Corned Beef, dads prefer Argentina Sisig for pulutan, kuya and ate love to share Argentina Beef Loaf with their barkada and the young ones are delighted with Argentina Meat Loaf. Argentina always satisfies the needs of the family.