Bo Sanchez How to Change Your Life in 30 Days Feast Books Inspirational Book Paperback 1 pc

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What habits do you need to throw out?

Imagine a light bulb thatÕs no longer lighting up. It has served its purpose. What do you do with an old light bulb? You throw it away and grab a new one. You donÕt create a museum of dead light bulbs.

In the same way, there are some behaviors in your life that arenÕt working for you anymore. They donÕt bless you anymore. They donÕt serve your purpose anymore. They donÕt make you a better person or bring you closer to your dreams. And more importantly, they donÕt bless the people you love anymore.

Let Bo Sanchez be your mentor and guide in transforming your life. This isnt just an ordinary book, but a step-by-step Personal Change Manual. Each page, each story, each principle will equip you to change your life Ñ so that you donÕt become a museum of dead light bulbs. Instead, youÕll be a house with lovely lights, shining bright and beautiful, inspiring others to also change their lives.