Bo Sanchez How to Deal with Horror Parents Monster Kids and Freaky Siblings Inspirational Book Paperback 1 pc

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Is Your House Haunted?

Today, many homes are haunted by ghosts of their familyÕs past. Some people are haunted by the horrible way they were parented. Unfortunately, they find themselves repeating the same terrible mistakes with their own children.

In this life-changing book, bestselling author Bo Sanchez turns into a spiritual exorcist for wounded families whose homes are haunted. Bo shares powerful secrets of how to stop toxic patterns inherited from one generation to the next.

YouÕll learn how to deal with monster parents and break the cycle of horror parenting. YouÕll discover the three hats you need to wear to raise healthy kids. YouÕll also find out the secrets on how to create a loving family and cut the roots of envy among your siblings.

This book has the power to transform your families from horror families to happy families, from haunted houses to healthy homes.