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Bring Your Book to Life in 3 Days

Is there a story in your heart that longs to be told or an important message that needs to be shared?

Has writing a book been on your bucket list for the longest time? If youÕve ever had a book that you wanted

to write, hereÕs a writing companion to guide you one step at a time.

Combining the art and science of book writing, this writing retreat guide provides you with the tools

needed to begin writing, which is one of the hardest things to do, and helps you get started on the right foot

in your writing journey.

Whether you want to pack up your bags and go to a writing hideaway, or you want to write in the

comforts of your favorite cafŽ or desk at home, this do-it-yourself writing retreat book can help you make that

crucial start and lead you to the right path.

Specifically, this book will teach you how to:

¥ Begin and do the one thing that matters most in book writing

¥ Design your book cover and craft a captivating book title

¥ Build your bookÕs structure and know what goes into a book

¥ Tell a powerful story that will connect with your readers

¥ Keep writing when you just want to quit

¥ Beat the dreaded ÒwriterÕs blockÓ

¥ Answer the question: Should I go for traditional publishing or self-publishing?

This book also contains prayers from fellow writers and writing tips to help you to keep writing

forward. Are you ready to bring your book to life? Get your journal and laptop ready, bring this book, and go

write away!

ÒHere is a manual every aspiring writer should have. It contains everything they need to know about writing

and launching their first book.Ó

Ð Kirby Llaban, bestselling author, The Fired Up Life

ÒEvery writer has to find a sacred time and place for her to write. Let this book help you find that sacred

space and time, and let this guide you into finally writing that book to life.

Ð Karren Renz Se–a, writing coach and author, Unwritten