Happy Happy Me ! Book by Fr Bongg Guerrero

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Happy, Happy Me is a book written by a Filipino priest whom we get to listen to when we attended a mass in Mall of Asia the church beside the mall.

As a practicing Catholic, we get to encounter different types of a priest in a mass and seldom do we meet one, that has that humor and class. He was smiling all the time from the moment he set foot in the church.

During the homily, he was joking all over and is very engaging thus, made me buy his book. Maybe because of his line, ÒHappiness is a choice and we have to choose it all the timeÓ. No matter how screwed our life be, happiness is still a gift that we need to unwrap every time.

This book though is not a self-help book about happiness or how to be one. ItÕs a joke book.

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