How to Turn your Passion into Profit by Dean Pax Lapid and Bo Sanchez Financial Literacy Business Books Paperback

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Do You Want to Build Your Own Business? Look No Further. This Book Will Be Your Guide!

This book comes complete: it discusses the ÒhardwareÓ and ÒsoftwareÓ of starting a businessÐthe mind and the heart. YouÕll learn important principles that will save you from the most common pitfalls that make businesses failÉ

Why your passion is NOT enough to turn your passion into profit!

The 8 Power Keys to a Truly Rich business;

Why ÒscarcityÓ is good for you as you start your business!

Why you should ALMOST NEVER compete on priceÉ and so much more!

Apply immediately what you learn as you answer the exercises in this book. Then be on your way to becoming a Truly Rich Entrepreneur!