Wanted Perfect Yaya 7 Steps to Equip Your Childs Caregiver by DR JOSEPHINE HOLGADO Feast Books Paperback

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Wanted: Perfect Yaya: 7 Steps to Equip Your ChildÕs Caregiver

Do you want a caregiver whom you can trust to take care of your baby when youÕre away from home?

Are you a working mom?

Are you a father who is an OFW?

Do you have to leave your child in the hands of someone even for a brief moment because you have an errand to do?

What characteristics are you looking for in someone who will watch over your precious one that will ensure your babyÕs safety?

The greatest fear of every parent is to hear horror stories from their kids about how their ÒyayaÓ or nanny treated them when their parents are not around.

This book will show you how you can:

Find a true C.A.R.E.G.I.V.E.R for your precious baby

Determine the necessary vaccines and preventive measures to protect your child against common diseases

Know the proper nutrition for your infant diseases

Recognize the early signs and symptoms of an acute illness in your child

Look for the appropriate activity for your baby

Find the right mental stimulation to enhance your childÕs intelligence

Improve your childÕs emotional quotient to make her happy and satisfied

Trust in GodÕs unconditional love, warm embrace and watchful eyes in your search for the perfect yaya